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Leticia Haute Coiffure Proudly Sponsors Monique Vega LFW Showcase

Panamanian print designer and LHC client, Monique Vega showcased her Spring Summer 2016 “Life in the Tropics” collection at the exclusive South American Coya London.


Leticia Haute Coiffure was one of the sponsors of this successful event that celebrated the Panamean culture. Monique uses Latin America unique colours, culture and characteristics to create her Life in The Tropics collection, a series of exclusive accessories for home and fashion.


Monique fascinating print technique uses acrylic paints to generate geometric shapes, bright colour and texture with a hint of abstract which are characterised by a Kaleidoscope effect. These unique designs all inspired by the Panamanian culture are then scanned and digitally manipulated to create patterns.


The patterns are then used to create home and fashion accessories such as cushions and scarves.

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Oscar Beauty: Leticia Haute Coiffure, Chiltern Street salon, is One-Stop-Shop for red carpet look

Hollywood best kept secrets available at Leticia Haute Coiffure

The Awards Season has officially kicked off last night with the Golden Globe Ceremony. Over the years the interest for celebrities red carpet outfits and hair and make up choices have grown an increasing interest from the public with red carpet looks being the source of inspiration for black tie and bridal hair and beauty. “Alike at awards ceremonies today’s high definition standards put every pore and fine line under public scrutiny. At a black tie event and even more at her wedding perfection is the expectation from a bride,” says co-founder of Leticia Haute Coiffure Laetitia Doumit.

Based on customers demand for pre-events hair and beauty services Leticia Haute Coiffure has especially designed the Academy Award Winner’s Packages:

This package has been designed for someone who has regular treatments at the salon and only needs a mise en beaute prior to her big night. The BAFTAS include a Luxury Manicure, a Luxury Pedicure, a Blow Dry and a Make Up Application. This overall package is 3 hours long and costs £125 instead of £150

The Oscars
This package was designed for a client who may be going to a more formal event and wants to achieve a glowing look from head to toe. The Oscars package includes a Vita Liberata Spray Tan, a Luxury Manicure, a Luxury Pedicure, a Callus Peel (to ensure you can dance all night on these killer heels) a Blow Dry or a Hair Up and a Make Up Application. The Oscars is 3.5 hours long and costs £185 instead of £215.

The Cannes Film Festival
Ultimate pre-event pampering package the Cannes Film Festival is ideal for time poor clients who must look their best at the event they’re planning to attend. Also named the “Miss Congeniality” package by one of our members this package makes you go from frumpy to sexy in … only 4.5 hours! This package includes a 60 minutes Caudalie facial from a selection, 30 Minutes Leticia Haute Coiffure Signature Massage, a Vita Liberata Spray Tan, a Luxury Manicure, a Luxury Pedicure, a Hair Up and a Make Up Application. This package is 4.5 hours long which can be split in two days and costs £300 instead of £329.

Now here are the favourite red carpet looks from the team at Leticia Haute Coiffure
Pierre Doumit, Creative Director: “As everyone knows my motto is “less is more.” I love these 3 looks as they are very glamorous yet simple. The colour and the hair condition are perfect and the simple hair styling exquisitely complements the outfit of these beautiful women without stealing the show”.

Laetitia adds: “As a big fan of Old Hollywood Glamour my vote goes to Heidi Klum and her wavy glossy blonde hair pinned on the side for a feminine look that emphasises her tan and enhances her décolletage in the most sophisticated manner”.

Radu Toma, Senior Stylist picked Kelly Osbourne commenting: “Alike previous years Kelly used her hair colour and hairstyle to add a dose of youth rebellion to her gorgeous dress and make up showing us a classy combination between a “red carpet punk style” and a classic and elegant look which is representative of her and her fan base. The fact that she “owns it” and that the red carpet style remains true to her style makes it my favourite”

Last but not least Suzi, junior stylist at Leticia Haute Coiffure picked Jennifer Lopez super sexy look as her favourite: “Jennifer Lopez was looking sensational at the Golden Globe Awards 2015 she chose for her hair a natural looking wave which is super fashionable for 2015 with the front tucked behind the ears. It’s classic, it’s effective effortless and classy !!

For any booking enquiries please contact any members of the team at or 0207 935 1770.

Detox in Beauty

Are you detoxing or starting 2015 with a healthy diet? If so, well done to you! When planning your meals do not forget to include key food and nutrients in your diet to kick start the New Year in beauty and keep beautiful hair, skin and nails.

The power of green juices:

Green juices are probably the best beauty recipe to keep your beauty regime on top! Source of iron and Vitamin C they help preventing hair loss (iron) and help cleansing your skin and growing your hair thanks to the Vitamin C found in broccoli, spinach, kiwi fruit, kale, lemon and lime.
The most common – and delicious – recipe is to use a base of apple juice and add spinach, kale and ginger. If you want to diversify your juices you can move onto a pink juice using a base of grapefruit to which you add kiwi fruit and strawberries.
Beware: these are delicious and could easily be sipped on all day. Make sure that you stick to one juice a day as these juices contain a substantial amount of sugar.

Snack on nuts:

Source of protein nuts help in keeping shiny, healthy and strong hair whilst assisting you in achieving a leaner body. Hair is made is protein so not enough protein translate in dry, brittle and weak hair.
Eating nuts will help you keeping your protein levels including in detox period.
My favourite recipe is from Gordon Ramsay: you can either roast or pan fry the nuts with a splash of olive oil and generous slat and pepper seasoning – Delicious!

Don’t forget healthy fats

Found in avocado, pumpkin seeds and salmon to name a few healthy fat are a key part of one’s diet to keep hair, scalp and skin fully hydrated. They also help in keeping strong nails.
Very tasty and delicious these ingredients can be added to salads and roasted seasoned pumpkin seeds (see above recipe) can be spread out on top of a salad to add flavour and crunch.
These are key ingredients to keep your beauty regime at its top but as they remain “fats” portion size control is a must to avoid undesirable results…

In moderate quantity red meat is good for you!

No food should be completely banished from one’s diet. Yes red meat can increase cholesterol levels and risks of heart conditions but when eaten in moderate quantity they become an ally to your beauty diet.
Source of iron they help you keeping a high level of energy, prevent hair loss and help keeping strong nails.

About the author of this post: Laetitia is the co-founder of Leticia Haute Coiffure along with Pierre Doumit its Creative Director. Laetitia is usually behind the scenes of Leticia Haute Coiffure dealing with the brand management, marketing and PR of the salon, creating specially crafted offers for LHC’s beloved clients hand in hand with Leticia Haute Coiffure team of experts.
In this blog post Laetitia shares her tips on how to detox in beauty by keeping key ingredients into your diet.


Halloween by Leticia Haute Coiffure


Only one week before Halloween! If you haven’t done so yet it is time to plan your outfit! Bearing in mind that no outfit is complete without the right hair, make up and nails the glam squad at Leticia Haute Coiffure has worked on a selection of hair styles and nail arts to help you put the final touches to your Halloween costume!

Hair styles and nail art sets both start from £25. Our creative team went for a back combed Mohawk for the hair and our super nail tech Maija went for a Ghost inspired file and polish using Essie “Liquorice” and “Real Simple” and a Bloody Manicure using “Liquorice” and “Pouf Daddy”.

Book now to schedule your hair and nail appointments!
If you prefer DIY Halloween preparations stay tuned and await for our next blog post including our creative team’s tips on how to create the back combed Mohawk and a Halloween inspired manicure at home!

Made in Chelsea and Ladies of London Stars at Leticia Haute Coiffure

Made in Chelsea Star Sophie Hermann popped by Leticia Haute Coiffure ahead of the launch last Sunday of the new series of Made in Chelsea. Sophie had her hair styled by Creative Director Pierre Doumit in a gorgeous waterfall of curls tied at the top by a side braid.  



Pierre was also invited by Noelle Reno backstage of ITV This Morning  to style her hair ahead of her interview for the UK launch of her reality TV Show Ladies of London on ITV Be. Other fellow cast members Julie Montague and Annabelle Nielson also had a coup de peigne (blow dry retouch) by Pierre.


Loyal client Noelle Reno popped by Leticia Haute Coiffure prior to the launch of the Mondrian Hotel for our La Parisienne hair and beauty package including a blow dry by Pierre Doumit and a 4 hands manicure and pedicure by Maija and Silvia. Our on site glam squad provided an overall red carpet makeover in 1.5 hours top! La Parisienne package is available at Leticia Haute Coiffure at the price of £80 instead of £105, add a make up application for any additional £45, glass of champagne included! A must for the forthcoming Christmas Parties!