Detox in Beauty

Are you detoxing or starting 2015 with a healthy diet? If so, well done to you! When planning your meals do not forget to include key food and nutrients in your diet to kick start the New Year in beauty and keep beautiful hair, skin and nails.

The power of green juices:

Green juices are probably the best beauty recipe to keep your beauty regime on top! Source of iron and Vitamin C they help preventing hair loss (iron) and help cleansing your skin and growing your hair thanks to the Vitamin C found in broccoli, spinach, kiwi fruit, kale, lemon and lime.
The most common – and delicious – recipe is to use a base of apple juice and add spinach, kale and ginger. If you want to diversify your juices you can move onto a pink juice using a base of grapefruit to which you add kiwi fruit and strawberries.
Beware: these are delicious and could easily be sipped on all day. Make sure that you stick to one juice a day as these juices contain a substantial amount of sugar.

Snack on nuts:

Source of protein nuts help in keeping shiny, healthy and strong hair whilst assisting you in achieving a leaner body. Hair is made is protein so not enough protein translate in dry, brittle and weak hair.
Eating nuts will help you keeping your protein levels including in detox period.
My favourite recipe is from Gordon Ramsay: you can either roast or pan fry the nuts with a splash of olive oil and generous slat and pepper seasoning – Delicious!

Don’t forget healthy fats

Found in avocado, pumpkin seeds and salmon to name a few healthy fat are a key part of one’s diet to keep hair, scalp and skin fully hydrated. They also help in keeping strong nails.
Very tasty and delicious these ingredients can be added to salads and roasted seasoned pumpkin seeds (see above recipe) can be spread out on top of a salad to add flavour and crunch.
These are key ingredients to keep your beauty regime at its top but as they remain “fats” portion size control is a must to avoid undesirable results…

In moderate quantity red meat is good for you!

No food should be completely banished from one’s diet. Yes red meat can increase cholesterol levels and risks of heart conditions but when eaten in moderate quantity they become an ally to your beauty diet.
Source of iron they help you keeping a high level of energy, prevent hair loss and help keeping strong nails.

About the author of this post: Laetitia is the co-founder of Leticia Haute Coiffure along with Pierre Doumit its Creative Director. Laetitia is usually behind the scenes of Leticia Haute Coiffure dealing with the brand management, marketing and PR of the salon, creating specially crafted offers for LHC’s beloved clients hand in hand with Leticia Haute Coiffure team of experts.
In this blog post Laetitia shares her tips on how to detox in beauty by keeping key ingredients into your diet.



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